When I look around me, it really seems like there are really two types of people. And in reality we all fall somewhere on a spectrum in between these two types. What are they?

Positive and Negative.

Positive – You know that person who is just chronically positive? You probably don’t see them upset very often and even when something bad happens they seem to bounce back like one of those inflatable punching dolls that pops back up every time you hit them. They inspire the people around them to be better and think bigger. They are constantly looking to improve themselves through personal development books, seminars, trainings etc…

And then there’s your other friend..

Negative –  We all know people that suck the life force right out of us. They complain a lot about their circumstances, live in a victim mentality and seem to always be tired. These people are obviously not bad people, but they have chosen to opt out of their personal power and potential. Ultimately they tend to leave you feeling more depressed than motivated.

So which are you? Where do you  fall on the spectrum in between these opposites?

Who do you want to be?

You will absolutely attract more of what you are into your team. You can literally breathe life into people by inspiring them, or you can slowly expire them with your influence. Don’t be afraid to distance yourself from people that bring you down. When they are ready to be lifted, they’ll come to you. Surround yourself with people that INSPIRE you, not EXPIRE you..

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