Today I wanted to talk a little about leadership and influence.

John C Maxwell teaches that leadership is influence. It’s not rank, position, title, job, or anything other than influence. If you are a mother, you are a leader because you have influence on your child.

Thinking within the realm of network marketing your influence is not even dependent on how many people you have on your team. Rather it’s all about how much influence you have with those people.

As I spent this last week surrounded by top leaders from our personal network marketing company I realize something profound about leadership and influence. The people around me were not the kind to exercise power over others or dominate over others because of their “leadership”. I noticed that these individuals had a powerful ability to pull power out of people. It was like they could strike up a conversation and within minutes the person they were talking to was feeling more energized, ready to implement new ideas and excited for growth.

Think about your team, whether big or small. Do you feel like people leave their interactions with you fired up and ready to go out and work out of joy, motivation, enthusiasm etc..? Or do they feel forced to do the activities you have talked about or compelled to action.

There is a huge difference between the leader that has to use their strength against people vs the leader that can pull strength out of people.

Take an accounting of your relationship with your team and think about ways to have more influence with your teams. It usually comes down to judging less, loving more, having meaningful conversations, showing people the potential you seeĀ in them etc…

Hope you got value from this idea, have a wonderful day!

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