Tips For Posting About Your MLM on Social Media

As network marketers one of our most important roles is to market our products. Makes sense right?!

The problem is, we’re sending out hundreds of thousands, even millions of people out to market these products without any experience. The result in my personal opinion is kind of a disaster and part of the reason network marketing gets a bad name in some circles.

I beg you, please STOP spamming your link to buy your products all over the internet and social media. I invite you to STOP posting picture after picture of your companies products on facebook with before and after results. I tried some of these tactics. I won’t lie. But they don’t work that well… So what does work?

Well, in this post I want to focus on what you do on your personal social media profiles.

First off, there are really two ways of knowing if what you’re doing is working to grow your network marketing business:

  1. Ask yourself “Is it working?” Simple right? Are you having people reach out to YOU and sign up with you because of what you’re posting on social media? If so you’re probably doing something right. Continue on. If not, consider doing something different.
  2. The second way is to look at the posts you’re making about your business and see who specifically is liking them. If you are doing it wrong, you will only have current customers or business partners liking your posts. You want to be attracting new people to your network marketing products or opportunity.

The #1 rule when it comes to posting about your network marketing business on social media:

The most important thing is that you learn how to raise curiosity, not resistance. If you just took a second to ask yourself if people will really click on, read about, or like what you’re about to post you’ll save yourself a lot of wasted time.

Instead of just posting what product you have and what it does, post about a change in your life that you are excited about and leave it vague. Don’t ruin the end of the story! If you post about a change or something you’re excited about people will comment or message you personally asking you for more info. Then make sure that you always respond in a private message. You’ll be amazed at how this changes the energy of a conversation. There is something about people reaching out to YOU that makes it easier to not be salesy or weird when you teach them about it.

Hope this tip was helpful for you! If it was, let me know in the comments below and share it with a team member. =)

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