We’re here once again in the dominican republic and today had some extensive training on managing our thoughts. Our THOUGHTS are really the beginning of all creation. Our thoughts will dictate our emotions which drive our actions which yield our results.

Most people approach this cycle and believe their results will produce an emotion within them. “When I have that dream car, dream house etc… then I’ll feel ______”. or maybe it’s “When my spouse does __________ then I’ll feel __________”. All thought leaders and self improvement teachers will validate that it actually works in the cycle that I’ve described above. Our thoughts about people or our circumstances absolutely determine the majority of our emotions. Everything that we do in life is because we want to feel or avoid a certain emotion. Yet when people get the results of the actions they hoped would produce the emotion they are looking for, either it is not there, or it shows up drastically different than what they thought it would look like. And on the other end if you look at the world at large you can see that some of the happiest people are those who have the least or could complain about the most yet because they have chosen or are simply thinking about their circumstances positively (“I have food for today!”, (I have my family all around me!”) they are happier. It’s because of their thoughts about their circumstances and relationships, not what they have. This is a tough concept to swallow in one video and blog post, but we’ll explore this process much much more in the future. The secret to unlocking everything you want is realizing the way the cycle truly works the way i’ve outlined above.

When you understand that your thoughts will dictate your emotions which drive your actions which yield your results, you realize how crucial your thoughts really are.

As humans we have in the neighborhood of 60,000 thoughts in a day and 80% of those thoughts are negative! Negative! How can that be? This natural default to negativity, while it may seem sad was originally given to us to protect us. It is a survival mechanism that has come to imprison us more than serve us today.

We also know that today, 98% of your thoughts will be the exact same as yesterday! WOW, Isn’t that crazy?! So how do you create change in your life when only 2% of your thoughts are unique in a day and 80% of those are going to be negative? No wonder people swim in a negative state of being and can’t attract what they want!

We need to master our thoughts. This is the key to finding happiness, overcoming laziness and creating the results you want. We are the only creatures on planet earth that can watch ourselves think. With this ability we can unlock a higher plane of consciousness. It obviously is impossible to manage 60,000 thoughts per day one by one, but when you have a negative emotion stop and ask yourself what thought is causing that emotion. You might have to dig for a while but you will find it! Then question it and flip it into an affirmation or just recognize that it is not true or does not belong. I believe one of our core purposes is to find joy and the source of that joy is actually already in us. It is our thoughts.

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Have a beautiful day (Have beautiful thoughts!),