It’s an interesting thing to see how people respond when they don’t hit their goals in network marketing.

While talking with my wife Seantay recently, we realized that when we’re late for a dinner or some kind of event where we are expected to be, we rush to get there as soon as we can. Even if we are a bit late, we get there a lot sooner than if we had just gone at our normal pace or slowed down, giving up on the idea of getting there on time.

But when it comes to Network Marketing I see so many people slow down or even stop when they don’t hit their initial goals on time. It’s really really sad. Why are we so often willing to rush for other people, but when it comes to our own futures, we slow down? I’ll be the first to admit that I’ve done this in the past!

The real tragedy is in the loss of momentum. You need to realize that your efforts are compounding every single day that you work hard. If you don’t ever create true momentum and take advantage of the snowball effect, you’re going to have to push your team and your business forever!

I can’t even count the number of times i’ve seen people race and work super hard towards a goal for the end of the month, and then after three weeks, they realize they are still far away. What do they do? They slow down for the last week. The lost momentum drags into the next month as they try to push and push and push only to realize that they aren’t “close enough”. And the cycle goes on month after month. KEEP SPRINTING! Even if it’s the last day of the month. Keep that momentum going in your business and in your team. Your consistent efforts will compound over time for you.

What are you doing today to grow your business and speed up the momentum of your team?