Where to Find People (Locally) to Sign up in Your Network Marketing Business?

Where would you go to find people to sign up into your network marketing company if you were brand new to an area? I have actually done this a couple different times and have some ideas to share with you. =)

But first…

Let’s realize together that people are EVERYWHERE! The biggest thing is that you get out, start networking and meeting new people. If i’m out recruiting you locally, it’s probably because i’m out friending you. Start by trying to make a connection with someone new, then see if you can develop that connection into a friendship, then ask if they are open to taking a look at your product or opportunity (whichever would best serve them).

Network Marketing is in Large Part About Building Relationships

A few great places to start making connections are:

  • Farmers Markets – Hold a booth, or network with vendors!
  • Local Events – Look for local events happening around subjects that interest you or are related to your industry.
  • Expos – These are great places to meet people or have a booth to promote your MLM products/service
  • Meetup.com – Meetup is a fantastic way to find local events where you can connect with like minded people. You can just attend events or create your own meetup group where you can talk about subjects related to your mlm products or business opportunity.
  • Local Facebook Groups – Join local facebook groups and become an active member. Not someone who just spams, but someone that adds value. Build true relationships and you’ll be amazed at what will open up for you.
  • Facebook Ads for Home Events – If you are holding a home event to promote you network marketing company (which you should be in my opinion), why not throw a few dollars of Facebook ad spend to get a few more people to your event. There are amazing customization features within the Facebook Ad Manager and Power Editor to help you put your ad right in front of your ideal prospect.
  • Build Momentum From Event to Event – Ask people who attend your event to host their own event inviting a few of their friends in exchange for a gift of some kind. People eat this up! Plus you’re now accessing someone else’s warm market. 😉
  • Maximize What You Have – Far too often I see people obsess about adding new people into their team when they are not doing the things required to retain their customers and keep their current builders engaged and having success. Make sure not to waste your past effort and only focus on new people. NURTURE what you’ve already created AND go create more. =)

I hope these ideas have been helpful for you! Now get out there and take action!

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