In my opinion every single business owner or entrepreneur should be involved on some level in Network Marketing.

The main reason I believe this, may not be immediately obvious. Of course network marketing can provide an additional stream of income, and we know that the average millionaire has over 7 different streams of income. Who doesn’t want that?!

But in some ways a more immediate benefit is the EXPOSURE that their main business will get while they actively build within network marketing. I don’t know if i’ve seen any group of people in the world that has a more thriving and positive community than a communities of network marketing distributors. When you’re born into a team, you’re often born into a family. You have a group of people that are hyper focused on personal development and who are very committed to seeing every member of the team succeed in life.

So how does this help you as a current business owner? Think about it. Every network marketing team has a large and connected community of people that want to see you succeed in your life in general.


If I’m holding a large event for my team, do you think i’m more likely to ask a restaurant owner in my team to cater that event or someone I don’t know at all?

If i’m going to buy a house, would I be more likely to use a real estate agent in my team or someone that I don’t know? I want the guy in my team to benefit, grow and succeed so of course I would use him.

No matter what type of business you operate or own you sell goods or services to people. Network marketing is a NETWORKING business. You could easy make 100 new friends at one big event, who each want to support you and do business with you.

Hopefully this was valuable to you. I think far too often we overlook the power of the community that is created within our companies.

If you are a business owner, reach out to the person who showed you this article and dive into an amazing community of people who will support you and become raving fans of what you do.

If you are a network marketer, realize that this is a huge benefit of what you have to offer to business owners. You should never hesitate to introduce business owners to network marketing. Yes they have their own business already, but I guarantee they are looking to diversify their income streams and would LOVE to have a fresh group of friends to support their current projects.

Hope this was beneficial to you. Feel free to share it with a friend!
Matt Hall