What emotions come up when you think about building your Network Marketing business?


Dread, anger, boredom, laziness, fear, guilt? Any of these negative emotions will absolutely CRUSH your motivation AND your momentum.

Love, excitement, passion, fun, uplifted, optimistic? These emotions will INCREASE your motivation AND your momentum.

Now, I’m not saying that every aspect of your business is going to be fun and roses. Network Marketing is extremely emotional! It’s a relationships business and with it comes all of the complexities of human emotion. But as a general rule you need to be deeply enjoying what you are doing. The lower your energy levels fall, the fewer people will be attracted to working with you. And realize that the energy of the leader determines to a certain extent, the energy of the team! Just like the speed of the leader determines the speed of the pack.

So I want you to ask yourself: Am I having fun in my network marketing business?

If so, great! Keep driving forward! If not, I want you to question everything about your approach. Is your current style of leadership crushing your spirits? Are you showing up authentically as yourself or are you trying to be the image of a perfect upline that you’ve somehow crafted in your mind? You CAN be a professional AND have fun. You can be YOU and be POWERFUL!

You are probably in a great company, with great products and great compensation plan. But are YOU showing up in your business? YOU!? Your team needs you and they need you to be alive.

What kinds of people do you want to work with? What kinds of emotions do you want to feel with those people? How can you shift your approach to create a deeper connection and a higher energy level within your group?

I know that was a lot of questions haha =)

But I want you to think inward. I want you to think about what can shift within you to shift our outer world.

I love you all! I hope you have a wonderful day. Feel free to share this with your teams and let me know in the comments below what you think about this topic. =)