We are currently in the beautiful Dominican Republic on a mastermind trip for our company. There are well over a hundred people on this trip all earning multiple six figures all the way up to multiple millions of dollars a year in our company. At a mastermind event like this, we get to sit down in groups and discuss powerful topics and ideas to grow our businesses stronger, longer, faster and really serve the world on a higher level. In addition we had many group trainings from top leaders.

Over the next few days I’ll be posting on the blog different things that we’ve learned while here at the mastermind event.

In today’s video I talk about the importance of analyzing numbers in your business. Any serious business tracks a ton of different metrics to analyze their growth, patterns, and see where improvement can happen. You should have the same habit with your network marketing business.

Numbers can tell you everything!!!

For example:

If someone is not presenting their opportunity to at least ten people a week when they are launching their business, you know that they either need to invite more people or learn how to invite more effectively to get exposures set up. If you know this information you could send them your companies free training on how to invite.

If someone is presenting to 20 people a week but they are only closing 2 a week then you know that there is something wrong with their presentation or their close. If you have this information you could send them to your companies free training on how to close.

If one of your business builders says that they have three builders of their own but they don’t have any home events or 1 on 1’s happening outside of their own efforts then you know that either they are not plugging people into an effective getting started system, they only think that they have builders when they really only have customers, or something of the sort.

See how this works? You really can tell everything from the numbers.

So I invite you to start tracking your own numbers and to start tracking the numbers of your team. You can have beautiful and supportive systems of accountability that inspire everyone to continually take an honest look at the production of their team while inspiring them to improve their skills in every area of the business.

Fall in love with numbers!