So what is holding you back from reaching the next level in your network marketing business or personal life?

For most people, they lack consistency and have subconscious limiting beliefs that they need to work through.

I love looking at nature and finding ways to relate what the earth does to what we can do in our lives. While walking on the beach I was walking across large piles of sea weed that had been pushed up onto the beach by the waves. I thought WOW what an incredible analogy. All of us have built in beliefs that without us even realizing it, influence our actions all day every day. Sometimes these beliefs serve us. Very often they limit us.

So what have you done to consistently push your limiting beliefs out of your mind? How do you reconstruct destructive patterns of thinking? Do you use affirmations? Vision boards? These are great tools!

But by far my favorite tool is my wife. haha no I’m kidding, but I use a tool that my wife helped me create!

The Ideal Life Vision – An ideal life vision is an audio recording of yourself talking about your goals in the present tense and in extreme detail. It is a crafted blue print for your ideal life that is engineered in a way to help push your limiting beliefs out of your mind every single day. It is in many people’s eyes the ideal way to take advantage of the law of attraction.

Could you create something similar on your own? Yes of course. But my recommendation to you is that you join my wife and I for our monthly online workshop. In this workshop you will receive detailed training on how to envision, create, write and attract your ideal life vision. You can learn all about the details of this workshop HERE. Or at

We’d love to have you participate this month with us.

Make today a fantastic day my friends!