Word For Word How to Recruit Customers and Builders in Network Marketing

In today’s video training I share a very simple three word script that you can use to help prospects become attendees of your network marketing events or classes. These same three words can help them then become customers, loyal customers, hosts, and even business builders.

If you use these three words, you won’t seem pushy or salesy when sharing your products and opportunity with others.

The three words are:

“Are you open?”

Those three simple words have helped my wife and I naturally introduce our products and opportunity to many many people. If you asked people that are a part of our business now, as customers or builders, I think you’d have a hard time finding someone that said we pressured them or had a “salesy” approach with them.

As humans, we naturally want to think that we are open minded. We don’t want to be closed to really anything. So when you ask people “are you open”, they are actually preconditioned to say yes. Notice I NEVER EVER ask if someone is interested. Open is more inviting than interested.

Use this little phrase to help people take the next step. Here are the steps you should take people through:

Are you open too…

LEARN –  The first step, believe it or not, is not to sign people up in your business. The first step is to sort. Really at every phase of a prospects progress you are just sorting if they are open or not. The first step is to see if they are open to learn about your product. In our company we lead with the product 95% of the time, and personally I believe this should be the case for almost every company out there.

USE / TRY – After your prospect has attended your event, the next step is to ask them if they will buy. The language we use here is “are you open to use ______ in your life?” or “are you open to try _____ for _____?”. If they say yes, we then help them fill out the purchase form. It’s that simple.

LIVE – The next step is to ask people if they are open to living the life style. For us this means helping them set up an auto-ship so they can see consistent long term results with our products.

SHARE – From there we ask those who are enjoying our products if they are open to share. This usually looks like them hosting a class or event for us where they are inviting their friends, family etc… and we teach the event. Often we give a hostess gift.

BUILD – After someone has had a successful class themselves (and usually they receive a nice check from purchases at the event), we ask them if they are open to building the business on the side of what they are already doing.

See how organic and natural that process is? It’s not complicated and people never need to feel pressured or pushed. Your job is really just to sort people. You are sorting who is open, who is open, who is open.

If you burn these three little words into your brain and heart you WILL have more people at your events, joining your team, getting on auto-ship, sharing your products, and ultimately building the business with you.

Hope this was helpful for you, let me know if it was in a comment or private message.

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